Non-human Characters

(Optional Rule)

It is possible for LightRaiders to encounter humanoid characters also serving the Overlord of Many Names. This is a decision for the Adventure Master and his group. Adding non-human races can add a powerful dynamic to the play session by reminding us that God uses people from all sorts of cultures and ethnic groups and that we must look beyond the outer appearance and view believers who are “different” from ourselves as a brothers or sisters in Christ.

Keep in mind that fantasy humanoids have varying physical and mental bonuses and limitations. A gnome may drown in water that a human can wade through but may be able to quickly repair a device even if he has never seen it before. A dwarf may have a hard time reaching the lowest branch of a tree in order to climb it, but may never get lost in a maze of caves. The Adventure Master must keep track of these sorts bonuses and limitations and make sure play the role accordingly.

Racial modifiers are applied to non-human characters at the time they are originally made. Positive modifiers cannot increase a Character Strength, Ability, or skill above a rating of 10. Negative modifiers cannot reduce a Character Strength, Ability, or skill below a 1. Follow the character creation process listed below.

Building a Non-human Character

  1. Decide which humanoid race to employ.
  2. Using a LightRaider Character Sheet, roll the Character Strengths and the Strength and Agility scores normally. Add the applicable humanoid modifiers to the Character Strengths as well as the Strength and Agility scores.
  3. Calculate Character Abilities. Add Physical Vitality and Character Ability modifiers as applicable.
  4. Calculate the character’s skills, then add any humanoid skill bonuses. (Whenever ability and skill statistics are recalculated, add the modifiers after the calculations are done.)


This short, stocky race generally likes to live in hilly upland areas of Talania, especially in deep mountain complexes. Dwarves tend to be from 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall and the men are usually bearded. They are skilled weapon-smiths, and have a great love for forging the earth’s minerals into all manner of objects. Dwarves are quite strong and resilient for their size, and their favorite weapon tends to be the warhammer.

LO -1
JO -1
Strength +1

PV +1

Endurance +1
Vision -2
Quiet Movement -1

Warhammer +2


These little people (about 3 feet tall) generally like to live in burrows, which they dig in the sides of hills, or if necessary they bore straight down and then to the sides. Gnomes are very handy with their hands and minds and are usually good inventors. Because of their agility, they are generally skilled with most missile weapons, but most prefer the sling. Gnomes have very good vision, and can see well in the dark. Gnomes are also usually a bit cowardly, especially when facing giants or giant animals. They are consumed with a passion for knowledge and find it difficult to “let go of” their lust for knowledge. Even knowledge of the OverLord can become an idol if it only gratifies the flesh.

Agility +2
ST -1

PV -3

Courage -2
Vision +2

Any missile weapon +2

Races and Racism

Prejudice can exist between any two distinctive groups of people. Naturally, no fantasy race can simulate or directly correspond to any human race, but using non-human characters allows the Adventure Master the opportunity teach his players about the evils of racism. While human LightRaiders can have racial, cultural, physical, even linguistic, differences between them, the pronounced differences between elves and dwarves and how the characters react to each other can be used to stimulate discussion and possibly lead to serious personal assessment.

Possible uses of the racism issue between non-human races and Once Born and the TwiceBorn can include but are not limited to the following ideas:

1) LightRaiders might be under a subtle “sin enchantment” which denies, for instance, that dwarves have souls – or insist that elves smell funny and are thus “Dark Creatures” or “sub human”.

2) Gnomes might face so much persecution from dragon slave humans that they distrust anyone over three feet high, and thus present a very difficult “rescue” challenge.

3) Naturally, dragons have an interest in keeping such racial tensions high – anything that hinders the spread of the OverLord’s Truth or misdirects the energies of LightRaiders.

4) Dwarves exhibit skill with crafting and technology and tend towards putting their trust in technology over God.