Animals in the Realm of DragonRaid

Animals. Let’s face it, they’re everywhere, even in the world of DragonRaid. And they need special consideration (actually the talking animals demand special consideration—on an all-to-regular basis).

Below you’ll find some very useful charts to enhance the DragonRaid experience, but first, some clarifications:

Animal Companions (Clarification)

What about Telepathy?

There is no telepathy between LightRaiders and their Animal Companions for a few reasons. First of all, it is not a Biblical practice. Secondly, since the Animal Companions can talk, they do not need telepathy. Thirdly, to minimize the use of Companions as “scouts” and the possible miss-use of them by sending them into dangerous situations where the player does not want to risk his LightRaider but still wants a first-hand look.

The Nature of Animal Companions

As far as we know, animal companions are born as talking animals.  They will not harm other animals or treat them as “lower beings”.  Often, Animal Companions will remind LightRaiders how their actions could harm innocent creatures.   Almost all Animal Companions eat plants rather than other animals, but sometimes they will eat flesh.  This is considered a necessity and does not cause the Animal Companion distress.  They have the Overlord’s promise that the future world will be different.

What do animal companions do when their LightRaiders go into a hollow tree to return to the Liberated Land?

Animal companions can, and do, go through the Hollow Trees to accompany their LightRaider buddies to the Liberated Land.  The size of the tree makes no difference. ( Hollow Tree info below ) Animal Companions are not LightRaiders, but are not just animals.  They are intelligent, talking entities who are sworn companions to specific LightRaiders for life.  They usually do not leave the side of their charge for very long, and only if they must.  An animal companion will give its life for the LightRaider.  The LightRaider is boss, but should not “lord it over” the Animal Companion.  The Animal Companion can and will give counsel when the LightRaider needs it, or asks for it.  But the Animal Companion is not a spiritual authority over the LightrRider.  They are both working to serve the OverLord, they are co-laborers.  They minister to each other to glorify the OverLord.  Mistreatment of an Animal Companion could bring discipline from the OLMN, and/or loss of the Animal Companion.

And now for some resources. (Yes. We know. That’s one big ol’ chart down there.)

Talking Animals

Talking animals are an integral part of the DragonRaid world who act as helpful friends to the LightRaiders. You can review the LightRaider Handbook for more details on talking animals, but here is a useful statistics chart as an extra tool.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 11.17.55 AM


* These are not the only talking animals on EdenAgain. The Adventure Master is free to use almost any animal as a talking animal. If statistics are not provided in the Animal Chart above, they can be assigned using the Animal Chart as a guideline.

** The Adventure Master can limit or increase these numbers in any way that fits the adventure.

Move: walk / run / fly – in Battle Grid squares per combat round.

There is no “Converse with Animal” stat for these creatures because it does not apply to Talking Animals. “Converse with Animal” is used with normal, non-talking animals.


Normal and Giant Animals

The chart below contains more creatures that can be encountered in the Dragon Lands. You can use them in your new adventures or for random encounters. NOTE: These are animals, not Dark Creatures, hence there are no Sin Enchantments listed.

Notes about this Chart:

Size – body size, head, neck and some appendages will give the animal more “reach.”

Move – number of 5 foot squares per combat round in the appropriate mode; walking, swimming, or flying.

Notes – interesting facts. Some sea creatures have their normal depth range noted, some birds their air “ceiling”, some mountain animals their normal altitude.



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