Bringing a New Player into an Existing Game

This can be a hard situation, because the new player is an “odd man out”.   He may not know the rules yet, his character will generally be weaker than the others, and he will not be up to the Sword of the Spirit level the other players are.   This really plays havoc with reciting TeamRunes.

First, you may want to meet the new player before the game session.  Go over the general rules, roll up a character, show him which WordRunes he can use, and make sure that he understands that he has something to contribute to the group.  Running through a practice combat encounter will help also.  If the new player has been involved with other Role-Playing Games, he may not need a lot of hand holding at this point.

Though difficult, before dropping him into your campaign, it may prove beneficial to take the new player through the LightRaider Test either using a group of Non Player Character LightRaiders or some of your regular players using beginning level characters.   The new player should make all the major decisions if regular players are involved.   Running the new player through Rescue of the Sacred Scrolls also would be a big help in getting him up to speed, but it may not be practical because of all the time required.  If you are adding more than one new player, then having a separate session is best.  The new players may be less intimidated, and will have to rely on their own resources if they do not have the more experienced players around.  It won’t take long before they are ready (or want) to join your main group.

The difference in Sword of the Spirit levels can hurt a raid team since the use of most TeamRunes will not (technically) be allowed.  You may want to allow their use if the majority of the team is able to recite them.  If the new player memorizes higher DL TeamRunes than they are allowed to use, you may (I would encourage them) allow them to recite them with the rest of the team.  Again, the whole point of the game is to get God’s Word into the player.  Rules technicalities should take a back seat.