Adding Denominational Distictiveness to Your Campaign

DragonRaid is meant to be a non-denominational product, hence, it tries to keep distinctive teachings out of the system.  It is up to the individual Adventure Master to add teaching situations or details that show his players what their denomination teaches about certain topics.

If a specific topic is not referenced in the DragonRaid system, consider it a topic that can be taught as your denomination deems it should be.

Some examples include: apostolic succession, creation, methods of baptism, frequency and details of communion, the nature of charismatic gifts…

For example:

Gifts of the Spirit in DragonRaid (Optional Rule)

An Adventure Master can select Spiritual Gifts for his players in several ways. One way is to roll percentile dice for each character and consult the chart below. Or, the players can roll for themselves. Another way is to assign a Gift to each according to the Gift the player actually has. Or, select Gifts that the Adventure Master wants to teach about. The players could select a Gift that they want or want to learn more about. When assigning Gifts to the players, the Adventure Master may want each to have a different Gift so that there is no duplication.

To use the Gifts of the Spirit in DragonRaid, the Adventure Master may have to add situations or opportunities where the players could or have to use them if the opportunities are not already written into the adventure. The Adventure Master may want to impose Maturity Unit penalties if the character does not use his Gift in an appropriate situation. On the other hand, you may not want to give a Maturity Unit reward when the character does use a Gift properly, because he should be using their Gifts whenever possible.

Using a Gift of the Spirit will reduce the Difficulty Level of a task by 2 or 3 levels. The Adventure Master may want to come up with some way of teaching the group about the Gift being used, such as having the player explain the Gift and how it helps the OverLord’s Kingdom, or by leading a short discussion on it. The Adventure Master may want to have the character pray each time before using a Gift.

All Gifts of the Spirit are given to characters at the moment of conversion, though it may take a long time before the character understands or uses his Gift. The Unseen Spirit powers each Gift; it is not just a human talent or knack for doing things.

01-05 Administration
06-10 Apostleship
11-15 Discernment of Spirits
16-21 Encouragement
22-27 Evangelism
28-35 Faith
36-45 Giving
46-50 Healing
51-55 Helps (Service)
56-60 Hospitality
61-65 Interpreting Tongues
66-70 Knowledge
71-75 Mercy
76-80 Miracles
81-85 Pasturing
86-89 Preaching/Prophecy
90-92 Tongues
93-95 Teaching

96-98 Wisdom
99 Roll twice ignoring 99-100
100 Roll three times ignoring 99-100

Administration – leadership ability, organization, strategic planning, effective use of resources

Apostleship – church planting and development

Discernment of Spirits – ability to distinguish between good and evil in teachings, spirits

Encouragement – ability to uplift or strengthen others in their faith with sincere affirmations

Evangelism – ability and desire to effectively relay the Word of the Maker to unbelievers, building relationships with unbelievers

Faith – ability to trust the Maker to supply needs and not to work to bring them about

Giving – ability to give money and material resources to the work of the OverLord with generosity and cheerfulness

Healing – the laying-on of hands which results in healing of disease and physical damage

Helps (Service) – ability to serve others or work in the background to further the ministry

Hospitality – enablement to care for people’s needs by providing food, fellowship or shelter

Interpreting Tongues – the ability to understand Tongues

Knowledge – 1) understanding sound doctrine, 2) insight into situation or person

Mercy – enablement to care for suffering people with compassion

Miracles – ability to be used by the Unseen Spirit in supernatural ways without trusting in self or falling into pride

Pastoring (Shepherding) – ability to oversee and care for the spiritual condition of others

Preaching/Prophecy – 1) ability to publically proclaim the Word of the Maker with clarity power, and timeliness, 2) warning of future events

Tongues – 1) ability to speak in an unlearned physical language, 2) use of a supernatural prayer language

Teaching – ability to impart spiritual truth from scriptures to other people in an organized and understandable, applicable way

Wisdom – ability to use scriptural knowledge effectively in many situations