Memorizing WordRunes

It seems to be a good idea to start the play session with a WordRune practice time.   (After prayer, that is.)  Have the players pair up to work on individual WRs, preferably with someone they do not see all the time.  You’ll have to watch the ones that have problems with each other; there may be something to work out before play.   It may cancel the play session entirely, but Christian unity is more important.   Also, you may want to pair up a quiet, shy individual with one of the more out-going types instead of “taking care of them yourself”.  This will help build the group by “stretching” each person a little.

Come back together to practice the TeamRunes, since they are used that way anyway.

Special consideration needs to be given the individual who is trying, but does not memorize well.  You can be a little lenient accepting their efforts, but don’t accept what amounts to a paraphrase.  Keep encouraging them in their efforts, even check with them through the week to see if they need any help.

You may want to allow a “second chance” at reciting a WordRune.  Or, if only a word or two is out of place or wrong, you may allow it.  You do not want to be legalistic about rules, the whole point is to encourage the memorization of God’s Word with the hope it will come to mind when the player needs it in real life.