Release the Kraken!

Monsters are not Dark Creatures and they do not speak or have Sin Enchantments. They are more than just dangerous animals, but a LightRaider cannot use Sense Evil to detect them. Converse with Animals will probably not work with monsters as their intent is to fill their own stomachs or have their way no matter what.

Behemoth (Brachiosaurus)

(Joe Revesz)

Number Appearing: 1
Size: 35 feet+
Move: (1/3/-)
Carry: 800 lbs.
Courage DL: 5
Battle Ability: 8
Attack: 8
Defense: 6
Damage: SSt bite, 4 SSt crush (x2, 3, or 4 depending on size of target)
Physical Vitality: 110
Special: Roar – a character must pass Courage check at Difficulty Level 4 to keep from freezing or running away in fear.

Description: This giant plant-eater is usually docile until bothered or attacked, but then it can become a mountain of angry animal. For its size, the Behemoth has a rather weak bite, and its long, slow moving neck makes it hard for to hit a target. Yet it still can be dangerous, for being in the path of a rampaging behemoth is a dangerous place to be, its sheer size makes its ability to trample quite deadly.

Grendel (Allosaurus)

(Joe Revesz)

Number Appearing: 1
Size: 20 feet+
Move: 2/4/-
Carry: 150 lbs.
Courage DL: 4
Battle Ability: 15
Attack: 15
Defense: 13
Damage: 2x 2SSt claw, 3 SSt+5 bite
Physical Vitality: 75
Special: The Grendel is very stealthy and a character must pass a Vision test or Listening test at DL 3 to notice this ferocious hunter before it is close enough to attack.

When this carnivore is not sleeping, it is hunting or eating. It is particularly ferocious and is not afraid of any other creature, even attacking beasts many times its size. Grendels rarely hunt in packs, but they can, and to great effect. Dreary swamps and dark places are the favorite haunts of grendels, though they will venture out into the open when stalking a meal.

Kraken (Giant Squid)

(Joe Revesz)

Number Appearing: 1 Size: 50′, 100′ tentacles
Move: 2/5/- (swimming)
Carry: 500 lbs.
Courage DL: 5
Battle Ability: 18
Attack: 18
Defense: 12
Damage: 2 SSt Tentacles, 4 SSt +2 Beak
Physical Vitality: 40
Special: Tentacles – catch and hold prey, DL 9 to break loose.

These horrors of the ocean deep are very rarely seen, but when they are, they are hungry, very hungry. Though usually found at deep below the surface, krakens occasionally hunt closer to the surface or just float while tethered to rocks or reefs, waiting for their prey.

The kraken’s tentacles have barbed hooks in their suckers, so once prey is caught in them it is almost impossible to break loose. Yet, even more deadly than its tentacles, is its singular razor sharp beak, that can cut through whatever it desires. The monster can snap wooden beams so it can be a threat to passing ships.