Yeah. They’re out there. We don’t call it DragonRaid for nothin’.

Here are some new rules for how your LightRaiders should deal with these dreaded villains. There are also some new rules for the dragons themselves. (Right. Like dragons follow rules. Ha!)

Dragon Breath Weapons (New)

When the cloud of a breath weapon touches a victim, it immediately causes an adverse physical condition.

Crystal: Cloud of cold causes d4 freezing damage to Physical Vitality.

Dream: Mist causes double vision (d4+1 images), weapons skills suffer -2 penalty for entire encounter.

Firedrake: Heat cloud causes all those touched to fall asleep for 5*SSt minutes.

Fluorescent: Causes horrific hallucinations for d8 rounds, weapons skills suffer -2 for 2*SSt combat rounds.

Gaze: Character’s Listening ability drops to 1 for 4*SSt combat rounds.

Prism: Fumes stuns all non-dragon characters (except Celestial Guardians) for 2d4 rounds.

Sea: Acid mist causes d4 Physical Vitality damage each round for one SSt roll of combat rounds.

Shadow: Fumes cut Endurance in half.

Slime: Poisonous gas causes one Shadow Stone of Physical Vitality damage.

Dragon Combat (Clarification)

Sequence of Dragon Mind Speech Combat

In a confrontation with LightRaiders, dragons always attack first, and will always begin the battle with mind speech. The LightRaiders must verbally refute the mind speech. Each round of mind speech battle consists of two phases:

Phase 1 – Dragon attacks with erroneous thought.
Phase 2 – LightRaider counter-attacks with scriptural argument.

After the first round of dragon battle, the Adventure Master rolls the Starlot according to the instructions in the Adventure Master Manual to see

what attack mode the dragon uses next. The players may have to change their strategy, depending on what the dragon does; and the battle continues

until the dragon is killed or flies away or all the LightRaiders are under the dragon’s control or are dead.

Damage inflicted upon a dragon reduces its Pride Factor. When this factor drops to 0, the dragon is dead.

Sequence of Dragon Mind Speech Combat expanded

Phase 1
a) The Adventure Master randomly chooses one LightRaider to be the target of the mind speech attack.

b) The dragon broadcasts its mind speech attack to all potential victims in range (usually about 300 feet).

Phase 2
a) The target LightRaider makes a verbal refutation of the mind speech

b) The AM decides if the refutation is worthy of causing Pride Factor damage to the dragon and applies it (or not).

c) If unsuccessful, the LightRaider falls under the power of the dragon’s mind speech.

d) The AM randomly chooses another (unaffected) LightRaider to make a refutation. The other LightRaiders may begin to rescue their afflicted comrade if they are able.

e) Repeat the proceeding steps until the dragon makes a physical attack, dies, flies off, lays quivering on the ground…. or until the entire team is under the power of mind speech.

Details of Dragon Combat (Clarification)

Dragon encounters need not be confusing, even though there are a lot of things happening at once. Breath weapons, fire, Mind Speech, and physical attacks can all happen in rapid succession, so here are a few ideas to keep things from getting out of hand.

When the dragon attacks with Mind Speech, it attacks one individual at a time, not the entire group at once. You can choose the target LightRaider for the first round and rotate through all of the characters, so they each have to deal with a Mind Speech attack. Or, the target may be randomly chosen each round with a Shadow Stone roll. You may want to challenge certain players by choosing them each time Mind Speech is used.

Players are not allowed to help each other refute Mind Speech attacks. Each Mind Speech refutation must use unique answers, the players should not be allowed to repeat what others have already said.

While a character is attacked by Mind Speech , he may not do anything other than attempt a verbal refutation of the erroneous thought. The character may not move, attack, or make any other action until the result of the refutation is decided. All other characters in range “hear” the Mind Speech, but they do not have to refute it, nor are they controlled by it.

If the character refutes the Mind Speech, he does damage to the dragon’s Pride Factor equal to the character’s Belt of Truth rating. Again, if a refutation is very good, the Adventure Master may add one or two points to the damage done. Conversely, if the refutation is weak, the Adventure Master may decrease the damage done by one or two points.

If the character does not refute the Mind Speech, he is enchanted and under the control of the dragon. To the best of his ability, the character will talk and act as if he believes the dragon’s mind speech. The dragon-controlled character must be rescued in the same way he would have to be rescued from a Sin Enchantment (see Rescue from Sin Enchantment and Dragon Mind Speech).

The various dragon WordRunes, stun effect or Pride Factor reducing, etc. can be used to attack the same dragon once per LightRaider. If there is more than one dragon, each LightRaider may use each WordRune once on each dragon.

When a dragon attacks with Mind Speech, it can not attack physically. The dragon may only defend, since it is concentrating on corrupting the mind of its victim. The dragon may be attacked by those not “hearing” the Mind Speech. WordRunes, special objects or weapons given by the Overlord may help block Mind Speech from entering the mind of a character. In that case, the dragon will immediately choose another target.

Dragon Pride Factors (New)

Ignore the dragon age-based Pride Factor chart.  Allow dragons to have 20, 30, or 40 PF per LightRaider in the Raid Team.  This will size the difficulty of the dragon to each group, to force strong groups to work harder and weaker team will have a better chance.  Don’t help a lazy team though!

Hatchling Dragon (Addition)

(Info for LRH page 17)

Not long out of the egg, a hatchling lacks some of its adult markings and can not fly.  It is about one foot long, weighs 30 to 50 pounds, and is thought not to posses the Mind Speech ability.  The hatchling eats constantly and will grow about one foot and add 75 pounds per month.  They are rarely seen since they usually do not stray far from the nest.

(Info for the AMM pages 66 & 67)

Battle Ability 5
Pride Factor 20
claws damage – Shadow Stone-4
bite damage – Shadow Stone
tail damage – Shadow Stone-3

Attack Chart
1-2 Fire
3-4 Breath
5-6 Smoke
7-8 Physical
9-10 Retreat

Fire Attack
4 points 20 feet

Breath Weapon Range
1-4 up to 30 feet
5-7 up to 60 feet
8-10 up to 90 feet