Non Player Character Abilities

Sometimes the Adventure Master (or adventure writer) will need to invent non player characters on the spur of the moment.  LightRaider NPCs should be generated the same way that player character LightRaiders are.  The following is presented to help you make OnceBorn NPC generation a simple and quick process.

While non-player character LightRaiders have the Fruit of the Spirit to determine their skills and abilities, OnceBorn NPCs do not.  The abilities of dragons and dark creatures are set by the rules of the game system and the adventure texts.  So, the abilities of dragon slaves must be determined by their physical qualities.

The basic Character Strengths of dragon slaves are Agility, Charisma, Endurance, Intelligence, Strength, and Wisdom.  Roll a Shadow Stone for each to determine the values of these Strengths.

Charisma (CHA) is a measure of the NPC’s physical appearance and attractiveness of personality as perceived by others.

Calculate the NPC’s abilities with the equations below.

Battle Ability – BA = (AG + 2EN + IN + ST) / 5
Courage – CO = (EN + IN + WIS) / 3
Listening – LIS = (IN + 2WIL) / 3
Maximum Movement – MM = (AG + EN) / 3
Personality – PER = (2CHA + IN + WIS) / 4
Physical Vitality – PV = (AG + EN + IN + ST + WIS) / 1.5
Quiet Movement – QM = (AG + IN + WIL) / 3
Recover from Injury – RFI = (2EN + ST + WIS) / 4
Vision – VIS = (IN + 2WIS) / 3
WillPower – WIL = (EN + IN + 2WIS) / 4

Maximum Movement (MM) is the number of five foot squares that an NPC may move by running during a round of battle.

Personality (PER) is the force of character an NPC projects towards others.  It is their ability to motivate, lead, and persuade others.

Willpower (WIL) is the strength of the NPC’s inner character.  It is used to determine the character’s resistence to some sin enchantments and the ability to continue in difficult tasks.

Dragon mindspeech and dark creature sin enchantments can attack an NPC’s Intelligence, Reason, or Willpower.  Failure to defend against the attack can mean damage to Charisma, Courage, Intelligence, Personality, Reason, or WillPower, and results in the NPC coming under the control of that sin power.  If the adventure text does not specify the strength attacked or damaged, use reason and common sense to determine the effects.

Here is a simple character template to keep track of non-LightRaider NPC stats:





Quiet Movement:


Optional Skill #1:
Optional Skill #2:

Physical Description:


Damage: by weapon type

Profession: roll or choose from Former Profession Chart; skill level is one roll of the Shadow Stone.

To determine specific skills and abilities, choose two skills from the Optional Character Abilities list availiable for LightRaider Characters, but exclude Hatred of Evil and Sense Evil. Roll the Shadow stone to determine the skill level.