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DragonRaid Vintage Boxed Set

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Everything you need to play DragonRaid.

This is the original deluxe DragonRaid boxed set from 1984.

Plus The Moonbridge Raid Part I adventure module is in the box.

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DragonRaid Adventure Learning System

This is the original deluxe DragonRaid boxed set from 1984. Everything that you need to get started playing is included in this box. The audio from the 1980s introductory tape is now available on our website at THIS LINK. *

This Vintage Boxed Set includes:

  • New Player Briefing (NEW FULL COLOR)
  • DragonRaid Rule Book
  • LightRaider Handbook
  • Adventure Master Manual
  • Character Worksheets
  • Character Sheets
  • Dark Creature Cut-outs
  • NPC Cut-outs (NEW FULL COLOR)
  • Dice Set (Two StarLots, One Shadow Stone)
  • Adventure #1 (“The LightRaider Test”)
  • Adventure #2 (“Rescue of the Sacred Scrolls”)
  • Adventure #3 (“MoonBridge Raid Trilogy”, Part 1)

*Please note – original 1984-1987 game pieces are new but will show aging.

**Please note – shipping on all orders may take up to 2 weeks.

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Weight 75 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9.5 × 3 in

1 review for DragonRaid Vintage Boxed Set

  1. Stephen Sammons

    In sheer volume alone, Dragon Raid pays for itself – including a stellar number of books, dice, adventures and even papercraft miniatures. In terms of a roleplaying game, Dragon Raid doesn’t lie when it first and foremost a teaching tool. The tutorial adventure ‘The Lightraider Test’ is very set in its ways without much room for player creativity or diversion. That being said, it teaches the mechanics of the game (and memorable scripture verses or ‘sacred scroll’ passages) very well, and the other included adventures give more freedom for player creativity and roleplay. The allegory of the world is unique and interesting, while maintaining an obvious parallel to the gospel message that even young kids will recognize. The character sheet takes a lot of maths to set up (lots of multiplication and division!) but once it’s built, it’s easy to read and use as a player. Despite all the praise, I’m excited by the unique changes to the world I see in ‘Wolf Soldier’ by Hannibal, and hope that a new edition of DragonRaid emerges soon to accompany it!

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