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DragonRaid® Trio Package


The game. The dice tower. The dice.

Get the original boxed set plus two great extras at a fantastic package price.

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This package includes:

the DragonRaid® Vintage Boxed Set,
the INKED StarLots® 7-Color d10 set,
and the Lightraider® Academy Dice Tower.

All inside the shrink-wrapped red box.

This is a $72.97 value

Product Descriptions

1.) DragonRaid Vintage Boxed Set

This is a boxed set of the original DragonRaid game books with accessories compiled by the current owners of the DragonRaid original 1980s stock. Each set is compiled upon order from the 1980s stock and updated accessories. Original items have never been used but may show aging. 1980s coupons inside game books are no longer valid. The set includes:

  • New Player Briefing (updated full color version created from the original artwork masters)
  • DragonRaid Rule Book (original)
  • LightRaider Handbook (original)
  • Adventure Master Manual (original)
  • Character Worksheets (original)
  • Character Sheets (updated, expanded version)
  • Battle Grids (updated version with additional hex-grids)
  • Player Character Cut-outs (full color from digitally restored original art)
  • Dark NPC Character Punch Outs (original)
  • Light NPC Character Cut-Outs (blue in photo, now full color from digitally restored original art)
  • Dice Set (two Starlots and one Shadow Stone, both original)
  • Adventure #1 The LightRaider Test (original)
  • Adventure #2 Rescue of the Sacred Scrolls (original)
  • Adventure #3 Part 1 of the MoonBridge Raid Trilogy (original)
2.) StarLots 7-Color d10 Gem Dice Set – HAND INKED
These are Gamescience® precision D10 gem dice originally designated for use with DragonRaid games.* THIS SET HAS BEEN HAND INKED WITH DURABLE WHITE ACRYLIC.
7 colors are included:
  • Tanzanite (Purple)
  • Saphire (Blue)
  • Topaz (Yellow)
  • Ruby (Red)
  • Emerald (Green)
  • Fire Sunstone (Orange)
  • Diamond (Clear)

Hold each StarLot up to the light, looking through from point to point, and you will see a star in the middle.

Gamescience precision dice have precise edges and facets. They have been tested and found to have superior randomness by Forbes® Magazine.** They are not ink-dipped and tumbled like other dice so that they can retain their edges. As a result, each die also has a visible (rough) mold point on a minor facet from the casting process. This is the mark of a true Gamescience die. Dice may also show interior bubbles. Neither affects randomness when properly rolled. Precision dice are best “rolled” by shaking in a cup or dropping through a dice tower.

*Use of Gamescience dice in DragonRaid games does not represent an endorsement of DragonRaid Products.

**DragonRaid and StarLots have no association with Forbes Magazine.

3.) Lightraider Academy Dice Tower

This laser-etched acrylic dice tower includes custom artwork by Lightraider Academy artist Ashton Corbett.

The tower is 5 1/8 inches tall and accommodates a roll of five StarLots® standard size D10 dice. The clickety-clack as dice tumble through this acrylic device is addicting. The tower easily assembles and disassembles for storage.

A dice tower is the best way to roll precision dice like StarLots, which are Gamescience® gem dice.* With their sharp edges precision dice are less likely to tumble across a table. When dropped into a dice tower, they tumble well and have been proven by Forbes Magazine to be more random than standard rounded dice.** Another method for rolling precision dice is to shake them up in a hand or cup, but we think the dice tower with its wonderful clickety-clack is much more fun.

This acrylic dice tower comes in 8 pieces which are easily assembled like a three-dimensional puzzle when following the ordered steps in the instructions.

Additional information

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