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StarLots Dice Set


7 beautiful gem-colored acrylic Starlots.

D10 dice.


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StarLots 7-Color d10 Gem Dice Set

These are Gamescience® precision D10 gem dice originally designated for use with DragonRaid games.*
7 colors are included:
  • Tanzanite (Purple)
  • Saphire (Blue)
  • Topaz (Yellow)
  • Ruby (Red)
  • Emerald (Green)
  • Fire Sunstone (Orange)
  • Diamond (Clear)

Hold each StarLot up to the light, looking through from point to point, and you will see a star in the middle.

Gamescience precision dice have precise edges and facets. They have been tested and found to have superior randomness by Forbes® Magazine.** They are not ink-dipped and tumbled like other dice so that they can retain their edges. As a result, each die has a visible (rough) mold point on a minor facet from the casting process, and each die has non-inked numbers. These are the marks of true Gamescience die. Dice may also show interior bubbles. As tested by Forbes, neither the bubbles nor the mold point affect randomness when properly “rolled.” Precision dice are best “rolled” by shaking in a cup or dropping through a dice tower.

*Use of Gamescience dice in DragonRaid games does not represent a Gamescience endorsement of DragonRaid Products.

**DragonRaid and StarLots have no association with Forbes Magazine.

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