Starlots First Watch Combo Pack


Starlots the Game plus First Watch combo pack. Incorporate the First Watch Scripture memory and application deck with Starlots for Bible study rules.

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This combo pack includes Starlots the Game (our family boardgame) and First Watch (our Scripture memory and application card game). First Watch is designed to work with Starlots to create Bible study rules. We recommend learning to play Starlots by the simple rules first, then incorporating the First Watch deck. In the meantime, the First Watch works as a great a verse-of-the-day mini Bible study thanks to the short life applications on each card.

Starlots is four games in one played on a two-sided cloth board. We designed it to bring families and friends together by offering different games that meet any game night time table. Only have ten minutes? No problem. Play our letter game ZORPTFILTHUMPER. Ready for a longer adventure? Flip the board over for a family Lightraider mission.

The various games encourage both competition and teamwork. The big adventure game on the map side of the board works like a miniature Lightraider mission with snippets of adventure on every card. You’ll face trolls, goblins, flowing lava, portals, and much more. The movement “racing” games on the flip side develop strategy and focus. The fast-moving letter game builds a quick mind.

And there’s more! Bible study rules that incorporate the verses on our First Watch Scripture memory card deck are available here: BIBLE STUDY RULES. These build Scripture memory and understanding. What are you waiting for?


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