Starlots the Game

Starlots is four games in one played on a two-sided cloth board that we designed to bring families and friends together at the game table. The various games encourage both competition and teamwork. The big adventure game on the map side of the board works like a miniature lightraider mission with snippets of adventure on every card. You’ll face trolls, goblins, flowing lava, portals, and much more. Bible study rules that incorporate the verses on our First Watch Scripture memory card deck are on the way.

Starlots works in “standard mode” but also allows you to integrate Scripture memory and application using the First Watch card deck and our Bible Study Rules. Check both of them out using the buttons under the image (below the video).

Why Starlots?

The other games in the Lightraiders realm are discipleship tools that require and build biblical knowledge and understanding. Attempting to use these tools for outreach can become a stumbling block. We wanted to create something that simply brings folks together at a table for fun and conversations to serve as an outreach tool. We also wanted a game that would give hardworking families multiple time options to spend a few minutes or an hour together, no matter what their schedules looked like.

BUT . . . For families and church groups that want to go deeper and have a fun way to learn Bible verses and their applications, we created the Bible Study Rules. These rules incorporate the 85 foundational verses from the First Watch card game. You can find those Bible Study Rule in a free download linked above. By learning these verses and applications, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge in our upcoming Lightraider Adventure Bible Study system, and you’ll have a great foundation when we release First Watch Level Two that builds upon many of the Level One verses.

How Starlots works in standard (non-Bible-study mode):

Starlots is four games in one. Three simpler games are played on side 1 of the durable cloth board and the bigger/complex adventure game is played on side 2.

Side 1 Games:


This is a letter jumble game in which players collect 15 letters with assigned point values and then make as many words as they can using each letter only once. The game comes with a notepad that players can use to write down their letters and words.

ZigZag Dragon and Goblins at the Gate

These are both strategy/racing games that require players to race across the board while battling or dodging the goblins and the dragon. Players roll one of the dice, then reference a simple table on the board to see what their movement options are. They must choose their moves carefully or risk getting trapped in the dragon’s domain.

Side 2 Game:

Lightraider Adventure

This game requires players to work individually or as a team to accomplish four objectives and escape through the Hollow Tree portal. The four objectives are: vanquish the trolls, find the scroll, rescue the lost soul, and defeat the dragon.

Players always roll all five Starlots dice at once in the attempt to get certain numbers or combinations. After each move, they draw an adventure card that may give them health or a special item to use, split up their team, or pose a challenge. In most cases, they must roll a specific number or combination to beat the challenge or get the benefit on the card.

The Team of Starlots the Game

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