Scroll Study

One way for your players to improve their characters is through Scroll Study.  If a player asks for this option, you assign them a passage of scripture from the Sacred Scrolls that pertains to the Character Strength the player wishes to increase.  The player then studies the passage until the next meeting time.  When you meet again, the player reads the passage, then tells the group what he has learned from the passage.   The player does not have to memorize the passage, just relay the majority of the scriptural truth. You can then award the player 5 to 10 MUs on the Character Strength they were working on, according to the quality of their effort.

A player may go through this procedure only three times for each Character Strength, since, in some ways, it is easier an easier way to grow a character than memorizing and reciting WordRunes.  Allowing the players all of their 27 opportunities will require a lot of time, and may cause a log jam as all the players clamor for a turn.  You may want to schedule one or two attempts per meeting.  Or more, according to the time you have available. A player can increase a Character Strength by at least one full point this way.

A passage should have at least five verses, and possibly no more than ten.  A suggested list of passages for each Character Strength will be made available soon.   You may want to demonstrate the process to help those players who have not been exposed to church or Bible study.  Use a passage on some other topic, such as one of the Character Abilities, Courage or Wisdom.