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The new edition of Moonbridge Part III is at the printers! We should have copies in house by July 4. The all new edition we are about to release comes in bound form with additional tools including a full color island map and coin cards, plus new cue cards, new artwork, and some original Lightraider artwork from the 1980s that has never been released. We have also updated the story and added new encounters that the Adventure Master can apply in any sector to add flexibility

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The Moonbridge Raid Campaign initialized a new form of play for DragonRaid, including new freedom of movement and flexibility on a series of maps. This new edition of Parts Two and Three incorporates “encounter” appendixes that provide the Adventure Master even more story and more flexibility.

After finding hope on Skeleton Island, the lightraiders complete their adventure on Anamos Isle, rescuing two seekers and invading a dragon’s stronghold.

Biblical theme: Stewardship.


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