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The Moonbridge Raid

Lightraider Stories The Moonbridge Raid

Thirty-five years after it began, the Moonbridge Raid comes to a brand new conclusion.

The original Moonbridge Raid Part One is part of each DragonRaid vintage boxed set that we ship out. Now, players can complete that campaign with our new Moonbridge Raid Parts Two and Three.

Each adventure module comes with a guidebook, cue cards, coin cards, and a full color hexagon grid map for hours of play, all designed to match the beauty of the original. But we’ve taken it a step further. Inspired by the appendix of discipleship teaching situations intended for Parts Two and Three by DragonRaid creator Dick Wulf, we’ve extended the adventure with an appendix of “encounters” in each guidebook. These encounters enable the Adventure Master to provide incredible freedom of movement for the players.

With the Moonbridge Raid Parts Two and Three, the players choose how to move about the map, exploring to bring out additional discoveries, clues, boons, dangers, and discipleship for hours of extra fun and fellowship. Play the adventure on multiple occasions and find something new each time.

All three Moonbridge Raids pictured, with images of the New adventures to the left and right.

The Moonbridge Raids Part Two and Three are currently only available from us as digital downloads. We appreciate the demand for these adventures and will bring you a print version again as soon as we can. Some print copies may still be available from