Who are the Lightraiders?

The Lightraiders began as an order of knights within the DragonRaid Adventure Learning System created by Dick Wulf in the 1980s. The system took place in the mythical land of Talania, where players met allegorical challenges that parallel real life. The imagined dangers compelled them to grapple with the conflicting values of our world and discover how faith in Christ and the fruit of the Spirit shape our behavior.

The 1980s DragonRaid system differed significantly from many popular role-playing games of its time, and still does, though it employs some of the same techniques. Created by NavPress author Dick Wulf, its whole purpose was to give players deeper insight into spiritual truth and help them mature in their day-to-day relationships with non-Christians, with fellow believers, and with Christ.

A word on dragons: The dragons in the 1980s game represented the most subtle and deceitful evils Christians must battle, and were rarely encountered. They were not the primary focus. Thus, in moving forward with the Lightraider world, we are removing “Dragon” from our titles. This is meant to illustrate our focus on the light of Christ and the development of Christians.

Lightraider Academy is now working to continue Dick Wulf’s efforts to provide growth opportunities for Christians through fun and engaging fantasy games and stories. Much is in the works, so please bear with us.

But What Can I Do TODAY?

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