Wolf Soldier: Game to Story

Connor Enarian, and four young initiates rekindle the fires of the Lightraider Order and the academy at Ras Telesar. These five only want to become cadets in the Order, but soon learn they must strike out across the mountain barrier into the Dragon Lands of Tanelethar to destroy a portal and stop an impending invasion. The keys to their mission lie with a long-missing Lightraider spy and a talking silver wolf. Can Connor and his friends find the spy before the portal grows too large to destroy? Will the young thief who interrupts their search betray them? The dangers and secrets of Tanelethar test both trust and loyalty, and to save his homeland, Connor may have to sacrifice his innermost dreams.

“Inspired by the Christian fantasy role-playing game DragonRaid, the moral and religious teachings in the book are clear. An engaging Christian fantasy, readers will find this an exciting, action-filled read.”
Kirkus Reviews

by James R. Hannibal

Wait a tick. Did Kirkus say this novel was inspired by a game?

True. But the Lightraiders Realm is far more than a game to me.

As a pastor’s kid in 1980s Colorado Springs, I guinea-pigged many youth discipleship programs. One in particular stuck with me, affecting my understanding of my walk with Christ for all my days since. DragonRaid.

Created as an “Adventure Learning System” by Christian counselor and NavPress author Dick Wulf, DragonRaid used role playing and fantasy to help youth embrace discipleship learning both through real-world application and through fantasy storytelling. The system engaged the mind and heart in multiple ways to focus on the development of the Fruit of the Spirit and the Armor of God, taken within the context of God’s Word as a whole. But the game vanished in 1987. As a teen fan, it left me on a cliffhanger too. Oh, the agony! You can listen to a whole podcast about that saga from the folks at Fantastical Truth.

As my children entered the teen years, I sought out an old set and wrote a few stories to continue the adventure. That’s how I eventually connected with one of my heroes, Dick Wulf. And when Dick was diagnosed with cancer and given only a short time to remain here on Earth, he asked me to carry DragonRaid to a new generation under the banner of Lightraiders. We started with Wolf Soldier.

Wolf Soldier and the Lightraider Academy trilogy are more than YA novels. They are an entry point into an entire fantasy realm of games and stories, all interconnected, all centered on discipleship. Our foundation is the Word. Our three pillars are The Fruit of the Spirit, The Armor of God, and the Sharing of the Gospel. God has sent me many brothers and sisters in this process, including the incredible James R. Brown who, on top of his genius in game design and storytelling, also created the gorgeous maps for Wolf Soldier.

I hope you’ll take some time to peruse our site and see what we’re up to. If you’re interested, you can order Wolf Soldier right here in our shop (signed) or through AmazonBarnes & NobleCBD or at your local bookstore.


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