We call it DR2ED. And yes, we know it sound a lot like a Star Wars droid. We promise you it is not.

Welcome to the DragonRaid Second Edition Compendium. Here you will find the information you need to prepare for DragonRaid’s upcoming re-launch.

The information presented here is in development, and we welcome your feedback, either through the comments section, or through our contact page.

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Please remember that DragonRaid is not just a fun game, it is intended as a serious discipleship system for teenagers (and adults who still have teen-aged hearts).  Though the  system used as an ordinary roleplaying game (RPG), it is much harder to teach the players how to be more Christ-like, which is the goal of the DragonRaid system.  While some of the material presented here is more game-mechanics oriented, that is not intended to be an endorsement of RPG-only play.