Lightraiders Adventure Bible System

We designed the Lightraiders Adventure Bible System for discipleship through fantasy adventure. Let your players build a character that will grow in rank and ability on fantasy quests while they grow in their understanding of God’s Word.

Lightraiders has launched! You can pre-order right now at the Lightraiders BackerKit Project page. Help us reach 500 backers at our low launch price. That will enable us to produce at a high volume and keep the cost of the system low for families and churches in the future.

Think of Lightraiders as a choose-your-adventure-style Bible study or Bible curriculum set in a world of fantasy quests. Play it together as a family or church group with our easy-to-use spiral books, player mats, and character sheets.

Won’t you join us? Pre-order Lightraiders today.

What is Lightraiders?

Lightraiders is a Christian fantasy-rpg-based Bible curriculum ideal for church or homeschool use. Each episode comprises approximately 45 minutes of questing play during which students take part in a fantasy adventure, fighting battles and enduring trials while encouraging each other with Scripture. The verses they apply on this journey will reappear in a 10-15 minute wrap-up prompted by the leader’s Know, Grow, Go guide.

Fantasy choose-your-adventure-style play keeps students engaged, and by employing these verses on their quest journey followed up with a wrap-up Bible study, they’ll develop a deeper understand of Scripture’s application to real-life.

Twice per quest (once every three weeks), students “rank-up” through the 24 levels of cadets, scouts, knights, and guardians. They’ll choose a special “sphere,” like the Navigators’ Sphere or the Vanguard. And they’ll be able to take on a special role, such as Renewer, Lion Warrior, or Knight of the Way.

Lightraiders employs

  • Flash memory followed by key-word/key-concept memory for greater retention.
  • Real-world applications for every verse composed by Dr. Gary C. Huckabay.
  • Fantasy adventure composed by award-winning Christian author James R. Hannibal and The One Ring RPG contributor Pastor James R. Brown.
  • Illustrations by incredible artists Dean Zachary, Kirk DouPonce, Graham Snow, and more.
  • A rank system that allows the student to progress and gain a sense of their growth and accomplishment.

Stay Tuned
Watch for the Lightraiders team at Teach Them Diligently homeschool conventions and the Florida Parent Educators Association conference. You can find all the verses from the Lightraiders system already available in the card game/verse of the day devotional deck First Watch. Students who start learning these foundational verses and their real-world applications now will be unstoppable in the Lightraiders system.

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