Lightraider Stories

Wolf Soldier

The first ever novel in the Lightraiders realm is here. Can five young initiates rekindle the fires of Lightraider Academy and strike out into the Dragon Lands to close a portal and stop an invasion?

Bear Knight

Bear Knight continues the adventures of the Lightraider cadets. War is brewing in Talania. Connor and Lee seek an ancient artifact while Kara and Tiran find out why many Aladoth villagers are disappearing.

The Fountain And The Flame

The Fountain and the Flame is an interactive choose-your-own-adventure style story hosted online by Woodridge.org. Help us build this Lightraiders origin story one chapter at a time.

Clean Fantasy Stories

Lost Property Office

Jack Buckles must navigate London’s hidden world of secret societies track down a powerful artifact and stop a madman from burning the city to the ground.

The Fourth Ruby

A thief wielding a temporal artifact frames Jack and Gwen for stealing the Crown Jewels. Jack’s ability to see the past is the key to proving their innocence.

The Clockwork Dragon

Jack goes on trial for his life and the British and Chinese dragon ministries collide in this exciting conclusion to the Section 13 trilogy.

Christian Spy Stories

The Paris Betrayal

Ben Calix is a spy in the cold. To find his way back he must seek a doctor, an engineer, an assassin, and a spymaster in this modern retelling of Job.

The Gryphon Heist

Rookie spy Talia Inger must con an elite team of thieves into helping her stop the sale of a revolutionary hypersonic weapon. But who is conning who?

Chasing the White Lion

Compassion Int. joins the Clandestine Service team in a story about a succession of intricate cons all aimed at rescuing a group of kidnapped children.

Clean Techno-Thrillers


The prequel to the Triple Seven Chase series recounts the origins of Nick Baron’s special operations team and the Shadow Catcher stealth multi-role aircraft.

Shadow Catcher

Nick Baron and his Triple Seven Chase team must infiltrate China to rescue a long-forgotten spy. But is someone working against them from the inside?

Shadow Maker

Nick and Drake face a terrorist threat created from their own collateral. A three pronged attack by a vengeful genius may bring the world to its knees.

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