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What Is DragonRaid?

DragonRaid is an exciting experience in adventure simulation, using a fantasy tabletop system similar to many role-playing games. But DragonRaid is more than just a game, it offers hours of enjoyment while teaching participants how to apply scripture, understand the fruit of the Spirit, and how to shine their light to the world.

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LightRaider Stories

Author James R. Hannibal is hard at work on stories that take the DragonRaid world beyond the game. These include novelizations and an online interactive story through Pursue Magazine.

The Fountain and the Flame with Pursue Magazine

Pursue Magazine is now featuring a monthly chapter set in Talania. The Fountain and the Flame is a reader-directed online story. Readers will vote to help the hero Kaia make choices at the end of each chapter, and James will carry her story forward based on those votes. Don’t miss your opportunity to take part in the first ever reader-directed fantasy novel!

Installment 1: August 2018

Installment 2: September 2018

Installment 3: October 2018

Installment 4: November 2018

Wolf Soldier and the LightRaider Academy Series.

James, the author of six novels from major publishers (with numbers seven and eight arriving in 2019) is currently working on a novelization of the world of Talania. We will keep you updated on the future of the LightRaider Academy series here.