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Welcome to Lightraider Academy

Lightraider Academy is the home of Christian fantasy stories, games, and adventure, all designed to disciple youth, teach Scripture memory and application, and further the Gospel.

Learn through fantasy adventure in an immersive fantasy realm.

All Lightraiders games and stories are linked through the fantasy realm originally created by Dick Wulf. We are filling in the map and expanding its borders day by day. In this realm, through board games, roleplaying games, novels, and more, you’ll apply real Scripture to fantasy situations to increase retention and understanding.

In our shop, you’ll also find books by Christian author James R. Hannibal. Whether in a fantasy airship or a CIA vault, his goal is always discipleship through story.

Christian Games and Family Fun


Welcome to the Lightraiders Realm.

Lightraiders is the upcoming fantasy adventure system designed for discipleship. We’re launching this game/curriculum in 2023 and perhaps coming to a homeschool convention near you.

Starlots the Game

Four games in one played on a two-sided microfiber board. We designed this game to bring families, friends, and new acquaintances together at the game table.

First Watch

This Scripture memory and application card game stands alone with its 85 foundational verses and applications. It also works together with all our Lightraiders games.

Lightraider Stories

Wolf Soldier

The first ever novel in the Lightraiders realm is here. Can five young initiates rekindle the fires of Lightraider Academy and strike out into the Dragon Lands to close a portal and stop an invasion?

Bear Knight

Bear Knight continues the adventures of the Lightraider cadets. War is brewing in Talania. Connor and Lee seek an ancient artifact while Kara and Tiran find out why many Aladoth villagers are disappearing.

The Fountain and the Flame

The Fountain and the Flame is an interactive choose-your-own-adventure style story hosted online by Woodridge.org. Help us build this Lightraiders origin story one chapter at a time.

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