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Welcome to the home of Lightraider Christian fantasy stories, games, and adventures.

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An immersive Christian fantasy realm to explore

What is the Lightraider realm?

The Lightraider realm is based on the fantasy world originally created by Dick Wulf for the DragonRaid Adventure Learning System. Lightraider Academy is the official home of all things DragonRaid, and we are continuing to develop new discipleship and outreach tools based in the Lightraider realm.

On our page, you’ll find the original DragonRaid simulation. Often referred to as a Christian role playing game and surrounded by myth in the Christian gaming world, DragonRaid is actually a hybrid system with elements of a Christian RPG and a Christian choose-your-own-adventure Bible study. DragonRaid is a great family game or youth group game, but also works as a highly effective home Bible course. You’ll also find new resources such as monthly devotionals (Combat Readiness), new adventures for the DragonRaid system, a new Christian fantasy book series (starting with Wolf Soldier), an online interactive story (The Fountain and the Flame), and First Watch—a new Bible verse memory card game that incorporates life applications and game effects that integrate with our other stories and adventures.

Please jump in and explore. We look forward to sharing an adventure with you.

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