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DragonRaid Tape

Vintage Game The Famous DragonRaid Tape

Oh how we loved the DragonRaid introductory tape. With a flash of lightning, the narrator dropped us onto a dark trail, ambushed by goblins.

For your enjoyment, and to help you get started with the game, we have remastered the audio from the original tape. The narrator’s resonating boom has never been this clear.

A word to for the Adventure Master
Introduction and Welcome: What is DragonRaid?
Choose or Design Characters?
How to Roll for Character Strengths
Determining Physical Vitality
Determining Strength and Agility
How to Calculate to Character Abilities
More about Character Abilities
Calculating Optional Character Abilities
Calculating your Defensive Abilities
Calculating Spiritual Armor Part 1
Calculating Spiritual Armor Part 2
Weapon Abilities: Solo Battle
Choosing Weapon Abilities Part 2
Fill Out the Character Sheet
Using Success Grids (with groovy Side 2 music)
Combat Training: Battle an Orc
Using WordRunes
The LightRaider Test: Story Introduction

DragonRaid is available now in our store.