First Watch


Scripture memory and application card game

2-7 Players

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The shadows deepen around your campsite in the first watch of the night. An enemy appears. Rouse your companions!

Defeat enemies before your companions to build your victory pile of Sacred Scroll cards. Speak the sacred verse referenced on the enemy card, or speak a verse on a card with a matching suit (Character Strength) from your hand or your companion’s hand.

Lightraiders play this game on the road and at Lightraider Academy to practice sacred verses and prepare for battle. Now you can play First Watch at home. Even better, use your First Watch cards for organization and reference during other lightraider adventures. This set makes a great companion to the original DragonRaid Vintage Boxed Set or Starlots the Game. Game effects are listed on each card, and each card also incorporates a real-life Scripture application to expand your discipleship learning.

Adjunct seminary professor and Holman Bible Dictionary contributor Dr. Gary C. Huckabay composed our condensed Scripture applications to help you understand each verse within the context of its chapter and the Bible as a whole, all within a few sentences.

First Watch is a powerful Bible memory verse tool that integrates multiple memory techniques. Memorizing Bible verses based on reference alone is hard and retention is limited. With First Watch, the concise Scripture applications on each card teach valuable, contextual understanding, but they also serve as keyword hints that engage the memory through concept association. This improves learning and retention. At the same time, the rules of the game promote repeated quick memorization and competitive memorization.

First Watch is so much more than a Scripture memory card game. It is a comprehensive tool for learning and understanding Word. Play the game to bring the Bible into your family and group time in a fun way. Or use the cards as daily mini-studies to improve your understanding of Bible verse applications. We believe the verses included in Level One are foundational and important to every Christian’s development.

This boxed deck includes 85 sacred verse cards with references, game effect stats, Character Strength suits, and Scripture applications plus rule cards* and a game effects key.

*This deck also includes rules cards for a second game (Lightraider Battle Training) that incorporates our Starlots d10 dice (sold separately).

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