Coming Soon! Starlots Kickstarter

Starlots the Board Game is four games in one played with our beautiful Starlots gem dice, a microfiber cloth board, and a deck of cards with gorgeous art by John Peter Meiring. This game is all about families, fun, and flexibility. Only have a few minutes? Play a quick word game or a movement game. Want to have an evening of adventure? Play the big Starlots Lightraider Adventure game and work as a team to beat the objectives, vanquish the dragon, and escape through the Hollow Tree. The choice is yours.

The Kickstarter is on the way. We’re shooting for 1 September, with most of our CPSC safety testing already complete. Just a few more steps, and we’ll have this Kickstarter up and running. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our First Watch card game Kickstarter, happening right now.

When the pre-launch goes live, a button to join the Kickstarter will appear below. For now, skip down to the newsletter button below the boy and the troll, and we'll keep you updated.

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