7 Inked StarLots


The same beautiful Starlots dice, lovingly inked by Lightraider Academy staff.

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StarLots 7-Color d10 Gem Dice Set – HAND INKED

These are Gamescience® precision D10 gem dice originally designated for use with DragonRaid games.* THIS SET HAS BEEN HAND INKED WITH DURABLE WHITE ACRYLIC.
7 colors are included:
  • Tanzanite (Purple)
  • Saphire (Blue)
  • Topaz (Yellow)
  • Ruby (Red)
  • Emerald (Green)
  • Fire Sunstone (Orange)
  • Diamond (Clear)

Hold each StarLot up to the light, looking through from point to point, and you will see a star in the middle.

Gamescience precision dice have precise edges and facets. They have been tested and found to have superior randomness by Forbes® Magazine.** They are not ink-dipped and tumbled like other dice so that they can retain their edges. As a result, each die also has a visible (rough) mold point on a minor facet from the casting process. This is the mark of a true Gamescience die. Dice may also show interior bubbles. Neither affects randomness when properly rolled. Precision dice are best “rolled” by shaking in a cup or dropping through a dice tower.

*Use of Gamescience dice in DragonRaid games does not represent an endorsement of DragonRaid Products.

**DragonRaid and StarLots have no association with Forbes Magazine.

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