MoonBridge II & III Digital Only Package Deal


Complete the Moonbridge Raid campaign with the new Moonbridge Two and Three adventure modules.

Bring hope to Skeleton Island and raid the dragon’s stronghold on Anamos Isle.

New maps

New Cue Cards

New Encounters

. . . Digital only edition . . .

In stock

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The Moonbridge Raid Part Two and Three modules continue the Moonbridge Raid adventure and complete the campaign, comprising many hours of game play. The Moonbridge Raid Campaign initialized a new form of play for DragonRaid, including new freedom of movement and flexibility on a series of maps. This new edition of Parts Two and Three incorporates “encounter” appendixes that provide the Adventure Master even more story and more flexibility.

These all new versions also include never-before-seen original artwork from the 1980s, new artwork, new full color maps, new cue cards and coin cards, and dozens of new story encounters.

This is the digital only version that provides the book and tools in protected .pdf format for immediate download. Please note that the printed versions are no longer available.

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