The Clockwork Dragon Signed


The Clockwork Dragon Hardcover (signed)


Jack Buckles is on trial for his life.

The Ministries of Secrets and Guilds, led by Ignatius Gall, are conspiring to put the Ministry of Trackers down for good—starting with Jack’s very existence as a Section 13. His only hope is to prove that Gall is the real danger, not him, and it leads Jack and Gwen from the back streets of London, through the Austrian Alps, to the great reaches of central China.

Joined by their new friend Liu Fai, Jack and Gwen set out to stop Gall before he can uncover ancient Chinese artifacts, said to grant immortality. But a clockwork monster threatens them at every turn, and its turning gears only serve as a reminder that Jack’s judgment day is fast approaching.

“Hannibal delivers a breakneck conclusion for fans of the series.” – Publishers Weekly

“Classic storytelling at its level best. Hannibal serves up a seasoned mix of adventure and adolescent angst in sterling fashion.” – Providence Journal

Clean Kids Fantasy
Recommended ages: 9 and up

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 6 × 1.5 in
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